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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tata Motors and The Environment

Recently, all the buzz has been about Tata Motors.  I'm really happy about the tiny car's successes in India and abroad.  In fact, they're empire, as I like to call it, has spread to much of the European Union's main industrial ports.  Because it's main headquarters and operations are in India, operations with African Nations and Asian Markets are a natural fit for the budding international car company.

Their website discusses commitment to recycling and the environment.  Check it out!  Subaru is also a great Automaker who is committed to the environment.

In addition to being frugal on fuel, the Nano...

Doesn't cost much either.  A high-end model is around US$4500.  Of course, who in the hell knows about importing cars, anymore!

That reminds me of that book I read again,

I'd definitely be interested in buying one if anyone began to import them.  Beautiful, just beautiful, they are!

Yes, the Tata Nano averages 55.5 mpg according to Wikipedia.  These estimates done by agencies are always such bad drivers, too. I find that I can easily get pretty good gas mileage out of my car.

Check it out here:





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