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Monday, May 30, 2011

Rid Your Dryer of Inefficient Lint!

For many, emptying your home dryer's lint filter is second nature and done every time a new load enters. But earlier this month, I was astonished to find out that more than 1/3 of households don't empty their dryers' lint traps, which not only is costing them more money, using more energy, but also putting them at risk of fire!

Here's the link.

Today, I discovered that a home duster is a valuable tool in keeping your dryer free of lint.

As you'll notice in the following picture, I left the lent door open to illustrate a hidden lint farm!!! By using the duster, I was able to retrieve a great deal of the lint that remains in the dryer long after the filter itself is clean.

This project is easy, eco-friendly, energy efficient and only needs to be done every so often.

Cleaning the filter itself should be done every load!!! I can't tell you how disappointing it is to learn that so many don't do this.

I'll try to find an article about how much extra energy is needed for a lint-infested dryer.

Don't forget to save your lint for composting!!!

Remember: You paid for that lint at some point when you bought the garments and other household things you use on a regular basis.

Get the most out of everything! It's good for the environment to use less and re-purpose everything you can.

Lint makes a great "brown" material for your compost.

A great step-by-step on composting here and here.