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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daytime Running Lights Use Gas!

It's true.

Unnecessary technology in automobiles hurts fuel economy greatly!!!

Just like running your A/C, other electronic devices pull hard on your car's alternator.  Thus, reducing your car's overall miles per gallon.

I have made a hobby out of improving my car's efficiency by eliminating some of these would-be leaches of power.  For instance, Daytime Running Lights.  While required in some areas, many view them as only necessary during near-dark conditions.  To respond to the requirement, many auto manufacturers have made their cars and trucks to utilize them constantly while they're running.  Daytime running lights can use up to 2% of your overall fuel economy.  Keep in mind, the fact that they aren't always necessary or an addition to safety.

I live in Florida, one of the sunniest places in the US.  I rarely drive at night and thus was in a pickle about DRLs.  Because my volkswagen was programmed to run them constantly, I did some in-dash tweaking to my car and saw a gain of nearly 1/2 a mile per gallon!!!

According to a research study, if every car in America shut off their DRLs, millions of gallons of gas would be saved.

Check out this article:

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