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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Windows as a source of environmental and monetary woes.

Windows as a source of environmental and monetary woes.

I am not a homeowner.  I am a renter.  However, I know the benefits of living in a home that is energy efficient by means of structural soundness.  In this case, I'm talking about windows.

Re-caulk all your windows.  Not only are caulking guns useful for just about every room in the house, you will more than likely only buy one in your lifetime.  Not good for the environment?  Not so fast, they make an entire line of environmentally-friendly caulking product.


Windows are a source of concern over A/C usage.  The more curtainage you have, the better.  It's ok to have dark colors on the inside, but the curtains nearest to the window DEFINITELY should be white or off white at least.  this will certainly help to block out the hot rays of the sun and help to keep heat in during the colder times. 

Another good window trick is to buy some tinting.  This is easily applied and quite effective at blocking A/C killing sun rays!!!

If you can afford to, but new energy efficient windows.

I'll be hitting this subject more in the formative days.

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